Anke Kuipers

“If you want something in life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something, you’ve never done.”
JD Houston

Connecting people and solving challenges has always had my interest. Why do people interact? What makes this valuable to them and to others? How can you engage people and trigger interaction? As an entrepreneur, artist, game-designer and social collaboration engineer I’m curious to find ways to influence, play and improve.

My experiences vary from setting up and guiding start-ups till developing social strategies and implementing them in various businesses. In one of my start-ups I assembled an international game development team. Together we created and developed an MMOSTG game (massive multiplayer online strategy game) that enrolled thousands of people in joining and working together online, dominating the virtual universe of the game. Now I use my creativity, knowledge and capabilities to create social and strategic concepts for businesses and make them work.

“Whenever I get the chance I prefer to extend my journeys outside the office exploring new countries or cities. I love good food, art, technology, sailing, kitesurfing, hiking, skiing, hanging out with friends or meeting new interesting people.”