Artie Debidien

* corporate entrepreneurial spirit, change agent with transformation strategy and clear vision*

I am an Intrapreneur with over 20 yrs of experience in various Banking/IT Management domains.
No, I am not an Entrepreneur; I work within a company and strive to shift change from within.

On the path of innovation first, I think about the need that can be transformed to a proposition customers and the company would benefit from directly (improved services & products) or indirectly (operational excellence & cost effectiveness). Then I like to make use of my Business, Process, Technology, Operational Risk, Control, Enterprise Architecture and Security knowledge to figure out how to use Technology to make this innovation happen. My result driven and goal oriented approach takes me the extra mile to create it. I am not afraid to change course, nor do I fear failure. I am able to put my job at risk when overcoming barriers. I am comfortable entering into dialogue with all levels of management to fundamentally change their mindset. I celebrate opportunities for growth, even painful ones. I seek significance and behave authentically, with integrity and exhibit humility.

I think and feel like an owner, but in fact my employment is owned by the company. I recognize and develop other intrapreneurs in the company. I am motivated beyond money but through achievement and growth of myself, the company, my colleagues and team.I enjoy coaching and developing others. Employees can easily be motivated and empowered to achieve company’s objectives by appealing to higher ideals and moral values.

I have an appetite for competition and run towards the roar of a competitive situation.I perceive this as an opportunity and validator and not as an obstacle.

When problems arise, I speak about intriguing ideas to overcome these.This will not leave my mind until I solved the puzzle. This seed of an idea will grow to a full blown plan or I have thought of even better alternative ones instead.