Christine Neidhardt

My work which I am absolute passionate about is an ongoing experiment of ShowingUp – to trust myself and to trust others, unleashing our potential. Loving myself, my family, my colleagues and clients into their potential. I believe being authentic is the way to be. That means there is only one person – independent where I am – at home, at work or with friends.

On my way I happened to bump into the best people I could have come up with. Having a wonderful husband, an amazing co-creative partner for my work and a growing network of people around the world, who treasure our work around vulnerability, empathy and showing up authentically.

I believe through this we will change our lives to the better, more effective, more lively, not always more easy. We need a lot of courage to ShowUp like we are, imperfect, vulnerable – having shiny and dark sides.

In our book ShowingUp, published on Leanpub, we shared our intentions tools and work experience. In companies we support getting more effective by helping people to ShowUp and get rid off unhealthy patterns, clarify conflicts, building useful networks, opening up safe spaces to ShowUp and unleash the power of the people’s leadership.

We listen. We fail. We are. Come again.