Emmanuelle Verhagen

I’m an experiential leadership and inclusion coach. My purpose is to bring heartful leadership to the world. I firmly believe that when leaders lead “heart forward” real and sustainable value is created for everyone involved and impacted.

My career brought me in a variety of leadership roles in SME’s, listed companies as well as an entrepreneur. In parallel, I trained myself to be a consumer anthropologist, deep diving in a myriad of cultures across our planet earth, reporting my findings back to my clients, enabling them to build meaningful connections between their brands (and products) and people. In talking and connecting with the different communities I encountered, I came to realize that leadership is not something you need to study, leadership is innate in all of us. All it takes is an open heart, the desire to take charge of your community however big or small and take the first step.

Today I design and run adult learning experiences in the form of workshops, retreats and individual coaching enabling people to better connect with one another and have them taste their own leadership potential and/or amplify dramatically the leadership which is already present.

Next to working directly on the topic of leadership, I also work on the impact of leadership and especially on “inclusion”. I am a transwoman and have experienced first hand the impact of stepping out of – what I call – the Western leadership bias, venturing out into the realm of diversity and (the absence of) inclusion. Ever since, I’m on a mission to change our traditional leadership’s perspective, eradicating the bias.