Rhythima Shinde

Description: As a Ph.D. student, I work in the domain of environmental engineering (helping reduce emissions of industries) through bottom-up modeling method. My specialization is in the field of integrating sophisticated data sciences and AI tool in these modeling approaches, especially to capture the consumer and societal behavior patterns. My recent work has been to study the electricity and the housing industries’ consumer needs, resource flows and environmental impacts in developed and developing regions of the world, with tools from economics and AI. In my masters, I have also worked and published on different data sciences (data mining, cybersecurity, open data, and web sciences projects) and policy analysis methods and applications (cultural studies, system dynamics, project management).

As an aspiring full-time entrepreneur, I am working towards the decentralization of the energy sector in developing countries, especially to increase energy access for the people and reduce the energy poverty. In my previous leadership projects, I have worked for Europe wide energy transition awareness programs and teams. I have also worked on developing products for water purification and transportation in rural parts of India. I have been a part and leader of various engineering teams (vehicle design, manufacture) and represented the teams nationally and internationally.