Event Info

Seattle Women in Tech (WIT) and the CRAVE Company are proud to announce the second annual Seattle Women in Tech Regatta Week, April 23-27, 2018, a curated event collection designed to connect women in tech to mentors, peers and resources.

The Puget Sound is a mecca for talent, tech and dynamic non-profit organizations dedicated to making the industry more inclusive and diverse.  Choose from diverse sessions like technical prowess, personal branding, storytelling, allyship, culture, career acumen and more from esteemed companies.

Join captivating conversations with Puget Sound CEO’s, female founders and engineers.

Get to work during our signature co-storming session, workshops, non-profit resource fair and cocktail mixers.  Our week is brimming with opportunities to build your tribe and buoy your spirit, no oars required.

Connect with over 30 different organizations, elite mentors, and hands on workshop opportunities that will help you find new opportunities to plug into the community, provide you with valuable networking, and powerful insight to push your career to the next level.  People of all genders are welcome to attend. Participating organizations:

  Startup Seattle   Code for Change   WA FIRST Robotics   IGNITE    Anita Borg Institute    TUNE House    Association for Women in Communications    Lean In Seattle   Women in Wireless  Lesbians Who Tech    Seattle Space Gals    ARA Mentors  Washington State Opportunities Scholarship    Seattle PyLadies    Association for Women in Computing   She’s Coding    WTIA    Techbridge    Launch Code    Washington Stem    iUrbanTeen   Ada Developers Academy    Women in Bio Reboot    Year Up    TEALS    Girls Without Limits    TAF    Seattle Girls in Tech    The F Bomb Breakfast Club   Chick Tech   Kal Academy   Seattle Angel   App Camp for Girls


  • PORT #1 – Tech Mavens (keeping you relevant in tech)
  • PORT #2 – Inclusive Culture (Allyship)
  • PORT #3 – Leadership (CEO’s & Startups)
    It Can Be Lonely Up Top: How to Avoid CEO Isolation
    Being the leader is a powerful responsibility...and it can be very lonely. Hear how CEOs keep up with with their teams, encourage truth-telling and how you can better support your leaders and become a better leader yourself.
    Leading From Every Chair: Multi-dimensional Leadership
    Join this session to hear from conventional and unconventional leaders with vastly different leadership styles. Learn how they navigate rough waters, let out the sails to capture momentum and drop anchor when necessary. Bonus: Learn why you are already a leader, even if you don’t currently recognize it.
    Take Your Seat At The Table: Building Credibility
    To grow your career you need to be part of the conversation and have a seat at the table. But how do you get the seat? During this session learn the importance of building personal and professional credibility and presenting your most confident and authentic self.
  • PORT #4 – All about YOU (Build your story)
    Toxic Tech: Mindful Strategies to Build Resilience
    As the demands on your time and energy increase, what choices will you make? How will you stay strong when the inevitable storms hit? Discover simple and powerful methods to navigate and stay your course, no matter what comes your way.
    Be Flawsome!: Turn Flaws Into Awesome
    Nobody wins when you play small. During this session you’ll hear from people who have overcome tidal waves by making intentional choices to be bold, stand out, make mistakes, and still show up. Learn how they sailed into a world without limitations, embraced their greatness and decided to say #notsorry.
  • PORT #5 – Career Acumen (Building relationships)
    Jump Ship: How to Successfully Changing Careers Mid-stream
    What floated your boat early in your career may give you a sinking feeling now. Seasoned professionals will discuss how they navigated a successful career change and the impact it has had on their professional and personal lives.
    Hands-On Resume Party: Tips & Tricks Plus Live Resume Review
    Bring your resume and be ready to party! Learn to leverage the JD, how to highlight your superpower and find out why multiple resumes are necessary. Bonus! Get feedback on your resume. MY LINK 2
    Captaining Your MentorSHIP
    Hear from a cross-generational panel of Women Tech leaders in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s about navigating the world of mentoring.
    The Side Hustle: Interactive!
    Learn what it takes to be a successful Side Hustler, inside or outside your company. Bonus! Five audience members will pitch their ideas and get feedback from the audience.
    Tell It Like It Is: The Art of Storytelling In Business
    Controlling the narrative is the key to a successful outcome. Learn how to make a story memorable, why context is key and how to leave them wanting more.