Katie Mooney

I believe that people thrive in a culture where they feel that they can contribute, belong and form meaningful relationships. Culture is the commodity for growth and innovation. The challenge is to create an every day culture that is inclusive, transparent and authentic.

What does this all mean?

➢ I declare myself “winning” when you or your team have an “Aha!” moment.

➢ Diversity and Inclusion is my passion and I have got Grit.

➢ I am formally educated in diversity and inclusion foundations and theory, geek out on hot topics and new information and can translate it all so you don’t have to.

➢ As much as I love to ideate, it is all about exemplary execution that solves problems, and can have a lasting impact.

I look forward to connecting and sharing D&I best practices, and conversing about leadership development, social issues and advocacy.