Kai Scott

I am a process-oriented social scientist trained in both qualitative and quantitative methods and educated in the field of International Political Economy and Development. I am a principal at two consulting firms, namely Dialectic Research Services, Inc and TransFocus Consulting. I apply my skills and experiences within both of these practices, including 1) determining the socio-cultural and economic effects of resource development on people and communities; and 2) supporting corporations and organizations with developing and implementing transgender inclusion policies, practice, and measures.

With over 10 years of experience, I have developed and facilitated long-term, complex processes involving multiple stakeholders with varied objectives, capacities and interests. I collect, manage, and assemble robust data sets from multiple sources into coherent and clear reports and presentations to inform planning, direction, and decision-making on major mining and energy projects as well as transgender inclusion measures within organizations. My experiences have focused on increasing capacity among resource development companies to effectively and meaningfully engage with and involve Aboriginal groups across Canada by identifying issues, interests, concerns and rights using a variety of field- and desk-based methods and tools.