Kim Van Der Hoek

“Kim van der Hoek is an energetic, creative mind who combines courage and common sense in the right dose. She graduated in international business relations and speaks four different languages. Kim started her career as an IT consultant. When she started working in the procurement field the corporate world , she stepped in the footsteps of her father who was a -pionering- Chief Procurement Officer at a global company in Imaging solutions. Within this workfield she was not afraid to go off the beaten track. She achieved impressive results in very complex contract negotiations in different countries without losing sight of the important inter -personal relations.

 Towards the end of her corporate career she worked with young tech entrepreneurs and saw an opportunity to train them in developing their skills to negotiate with the more established companies. That’s when she decided to quit her job and started Spice Consultancy. By guiding company leaders in how to negotiate and build authentic business relationships, she facilitates sustainable collaboration and growth.

 Kim truly believes that in the modern networked society, trustworthy relationships and staying close to your values are paramount. After all, people are doing business with people and not with companies. “