Christina Moreno

Christina Moreno is the founder and CEO of She Matters, a social enterprise recruitment agency with a mission to empower female newcomers to enter the labour market. Like many others before her, Christina has proven that a successful leader often has come from difficult beginnings and significant adversity.


As an international lawyer who overcame poverty as a teenage mother, Christina’s success story has garnered recognition and is the inspiration behind She Matters. Among its many projects is an initiative to empower female newcomers to enter into the fast-growing tech sector. Using the power of code, She Matters and its partners work together with them to break down barriers, offering the support they need to enter into this exciting field.


Christina was selected as a Thomson Reuter’s Foundation Trust Conference Scholar for her work on women’s empowerment, and was named among HiiL Innovating Justice’s ‘Persons to Watch in 2018 for Justice Innovation.’ She has also published and spoken on various topics relating to international law and women’s empowerment.