Elianne Oei

I am an exceptional consultant, applying fearlessness and integrity to my work and life. Intensely curious about life, especially other people’s lives and experiences, I am known for my strength in reliably high quality, fit for purpose delivery of work, in any circumstance.

Since being little I’ve always said I’d help change the world – I love helping people increase their impact in the world, developing creative solutions and getting stuff done – no matter what the odds are. I started my career in strategy consulting at Deloitte in the Netherlands. Since then, I have worked across countries, cultures, continents and industries on complex (think big and hairy) problems and major turnarounds, requiring organisational insight, strong analytical skills and stakeholder engagement. An adventurer at heart I live to explore and travel, both through work and play.

So now I am growing my businesses www.futuristcollective.com together with business partner Lisa Brincat, next to freelance consulting.

The Futurist Collective is helping strategic players position for disruptive change, empowering them to both grow their wealth and their legacy, through knowledge, connection, investments, and future skills.