Emmanuelle Verhagen

I am an experiential leadership and inclusion coach. My believe is that we, human beings, are all capable of stepping into our leadership. Leadership comes in all forms and shapes and is unique to each individual. As a coach I bring out the leader within you.
I design and run adult learning experiences in the form of workshops, retreats and coaching. I enable people to better connect with one another and have them taste their own leadership potential. With seasoned leaders, I amplify dramatically the leadership which is already present.
I am a transgender woman and, as such, I have experienced first hand the impact of venturing out of traditional frames. Ever since my transition, I’m on a mission to change our traditional leadership’s perspective and turning our world into a place where diversity is celebrated and we all actively and consciously work towards seeing each other as human individuals rather than lumping others onto piles tainted with assumptions. There is only “us”​. No one is “them”​.
I make a stand for inclusive leadership at all levels. We are all leaders, we all have the capacity to alter the status quo. Join me!