Heidi Hasz

Cause and effect is what makes me tick. From my first programming class at age 15, trying new things to see what would happen was like a game for me.

My learning passions are philosophy because I like to look at the same things from different angles, math because there is always just one answer, and history because I liked studying how social patterns repeat themselves.

I love coming up with new ideas. I thrive in an environment where other people have new ideas, because then it is about more people, coming with more new ideas.

That is where being an entrepreneur, working with businesses or individuals in the Enterprise Architecture realm, especially as it aligns to the strategies and capabilities to Business come together. Sometimes I am purist, adhering to the model, only relenting after practicalities get the best of me. While applying a model to reality helps the understanding of a complex situation, when it comes to IT, the bottom line is the ROI. Realizing, the value of what we are doing must have a return an investment. My game is to optimize the ROI better than anyone else and do it with people that think a like.

Teaching TOGAF as Enterprise Architect, gives me the opportunity to challenge others to see the same thing a different way, apply a model to its fault, and meet people that have great ideas, and see if we can think of more great ideas together.

Making a difference where I am, is what makes doing what I do fun. If you’d like to join in the Architecture ROI game, send an e-mail and lets see what new ideas we come up with.