Isrid van Geuns

ISRID is a boutique, owner-run agency, based in Amsterdam. I work as a recruiter, matcher and head-hunter serving a large, high-quality and fast growing network of the most talented professionals and companies in the fashion and luxury retail industry.
My clients vary form niche brands to global companies looking for the best qualified talent to fit their brand and specific needs. ISRID takes a dedicated approach towards understanding your brand and business in order to find the perfect dynamic individuals for your company. Having worked for over 25 years in fashion and retail, I bring a broad, solid base and perspective on the industry.

Selecting with great care to me means that I have developed a sixth sense in matchmaking. Finding you not just the right person, but that really special someone, is a task I set myself every time a brief comes in. I will read between the lines to access company culture, personal chemistry and other characteristics that aren’t necessarily part of the job description, but crucial for the right fit. ISRID does not bombard her clients with resumes, instead carefully selects in a hand-picked way. I will respectfully invite my clients to embrace another perspective if I strongly believe this will benefit the project. Without reservations ISRID is fully aligned with the success of all parties involved.