Leon Klaassen Bos

I believe in the power of elegant seduction. It gives life a sense of beauty, excitement and it is one of our primal qualities.
Physically, spiritually or even virtually, we want to connect with each other and feel what it means to be alive,
I imagine how I can empower people by making them feel secure in their clothes by design and sophisticated cut. The foundation of my designs is always based on desire, from the innocent to the dark.
My use of luxurious materials inspire sensuality and playfulness.
I aim to creates smiles and memories for the clients who wear my designs and the people that will admire them.
My designs itself are not the goal, but the means to the wonderful stories and emotions they cause…
It’s never about trend, it’s about a story and experience!
I am raised on old Hollywood MGM movies, so my designs are obviously influenced by the glamorous actors that played in them. I mix it with what I feel the future will bring.

On this link there s an interview that hits it perfectly:

My passion for couture is accompanied by a love for futurisme and science.
Going beyond borders of trend and tradition, I research how subtle innovations can be brought to fashion and make it sexy and fun to wear.
I love to talk to scientists, chemists and new tech developers to imagine and create a vision of a beautiful and inspiring future.
The interest in the world of science offers a source for optimism and news.