Manuela Krull-Mancinelli

During the last years Manuela stepped into the fascinating world of Blockchain and Innovation. “What is Blockchain Technology and what does it mean to your business?” is a question she tries to get answered together with diverse teams.
Risk, legal and compliance issues in relation to Blockchain applications is another area Manuela likes to discuss with experts. What regulations do we need when Blockchain will be common practice in areas like Government, eCommerce and Financial Institutions? Should we change some laws? How should we prepare our networks in terms of security, availability and speed when Blockchain applications will consume more bandwith and capacity? What new roles will be required and how do we prepare students for this new world?
Manuela likes to investigate these kind of topics and discusses them with commercial and non-commercial organisations during strategic or more technical sessions.

During more than 20 years Manuela has been an IT Director in the Financial Services Industry, Real Estate, Health and Telecom. With her open and creative mind combined with a strong focus on Digital Transformation and new Technologies she helped many corporates to look differently at traditional processes.

With her passion for IT and everything that is ‘new’ she never stops learning about new technologies like Blockchain, IoT, 3D printing, AI, Robots etc.

Because of her broad experience, pragmatic and empathic attitude she is capable of quickly analyzing any situation, prepare a strategy together with her team and execute the plan.
She can come up with out of the box solutions, which makes it a natural choice to assign her to jobs in the area of innovation, transformation management or setting up new departments.