Margreet Jacobs

To see someone on stage, being authentic and powerful at the same time, captivating their audience,
conveying a message that comes from passion and determination, that is what gives me goosebumps.

To see people grow as a public speaker is my reason for waking up every morning.
I believe that when they grow, their audience grows, and I grow with them.

I work with companies that believe in the power of progress. I have made it my mission to help them move from the standard way of presenting (focussed on facts, figures and data) to a new and fresh way of presenting in which the speaker truly inspires action.

A very important part when training speakers, is dealing nerves and mindset. A lot of people stay silent because they are afraid of what will happen when they speak up. It is my goal to let these people experience what they are capable of when they start to really use their voice.