Melanie Ewan

I am a community management specialist, facilitator, and writer with ten years of experience in the public service and a strong background in advocacy, program development, and research across sectors. My strength lies in my ability to ask the right questions, identify gaps, and create a bridge between stakeholders at all levels.

• In Fall 2017, facilitated 31 Community Conversations across Canada with 800+ women and men to develop Canada’s largest qualitative data set on women in the technology sector;
• For Women in Tech World, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise $31,000 for national research initiative, Driving WinTech; successfully secured $20,000 as a recipient of the Discovery Foundation 2018 Research Award Program;
• Managing Partner at Volition, advisory firm and community platform for startups and entrepreneurs;
• Coordinated an international social media strategy for Women in Tech Week 2017.
• Managed executive correspondence, HR and information management systems in the federal public service for ten years.
• Published in BMC Health Services Research.
• Content writer for multiple publications (advertorials, reviews, and articles).

With a diverse background, I specialize in identifying gaps, framing for your audience, and taking a community-first approach to building innovative and inclusive communities. I am constantly inspired by the people I work with and strive to learn from and elevate the work that they do.