Moriam Hassan Balogun

As a serial entrepreneur with a strong focus on digital publishing, #marketing and creative sectors, I have had a long association with video production. This includes one of my current businesses, The Planetfem Publishing Network, which consists of 22 niche websites that all have a strong video bias.

So, as a customer of many video hosting firms over the years, I have experienced a number of frustrations which have seemed to replicate themselves whatever #videohosting firm I used.

Poacher turned gamekeeper, I have now, together with my two business partners, founded Orangevine, a market disruptor that changes the way people host, pay for, promote and earn from their videos.

For the first time, organizations can confidently budget and control their video hosting costs. They are able to remove the fear of going over their data limit because there is NO limit and they are able to understand and bring to full use the benefits of hosting their videos.