Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers

  • Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers

Passionate about Technology and Innovation, Communication, Social Collaboration, Relationships and Networking. Diligence, accuracy, eye for detail, flexibility, and responsibility define my approach for work. Good planner and well-organized personality. Advocate for Gender Equality in STEAM & Leadership.

UN Women’s EmpowerWomen Champion for Change 2016-2017 with main purpose to serve as Empower Women advocate for women’s economic empowerment both online and in the local communities, and be
involved in a series of innovative projects, initiatives and campaigns such as expanding the Organizational Hub and participating in the #BreakTheGlass and #HERstory campaign.

As a Social Entrepreneur, initiator of the Women’s Professional Empowerment Initiative – Amsterdam and the online campaign #CelebratingWomenInTech

Mentor of young female professionals in STEAM who are willing to develop their personal leadership skills and move to the next level of the their career.

Participated in a number of panel discussions and conferences in the field of women’s leadership, women in tech, tech& innovation, sharing the story of success, sustainable development, gender equality.

Winner of the Impact Award 2016 from the renown Dutch female magazine Opzij in the category ‘Women who influence the society from their formal position, but also women who break the informal boundaries by using their knowledge, experience, time and capabilities to influence.’

Nominated for the National VIVA400 Award 2017 for one of the most inspiring women of The Netherlands in category ‘World Improvers” and in 2016 for the VIVA400 Award in the category ’Smart Brains’.