Stephanie Peterson

I’m a Minnesota native who’s landed in Nürnberg, Germany. I love being part of a team, coffee dates and meeting new people – no seriously, I want to be your new best friend. However, I also love running along the river, watching movies and moseying through old European cities… alone. I think I’m a unique mix of characteristics and skills, which means I’ll never leave you bored! I’d love to get to know you and your business. Read on to discover some of my strengths and professional experiences:

• Valued management colleague, specializing in strategy development, achieving ambitious business goals and demanding analytical thinking & top performance.

• Managing diverse, international teams with a solid dose of patience, humor and common sense. Coach team members in navigating ongoing company growth and personal development, in addition to managing their daily business.

• Strong communication skills with considerable expertise in marketing, strategic communication, PR, campaigning and brand development.

• Experience in various growth topics, including: paid user acquisition (performance marketing), ASO, CRM, monetization and more.

• Background in creating & maintaining social media channels, blogs, websites and engagement messaging tools (CRM).

• Talented copywriter, editor and translator (German/English). I don’t get to be “Head of Words” anymore, but I still adore words! Writing interviews and blog posts now & again brings me immense joy 🙂

• Passionate “people person”​ who thrives on establishing connections, nurturing relationships & developing win-win business solutions with internal and external stakeholders.

• Stringent attention to detail, efficiency and balancing qualitative & quantitative input during decision-making processes. Remember: Data most often supports our gut feeling (doesn’t fight it)! Data is our friend 😉

• Part-time office clown and full-time team cheerleader! Firmly believe we can do great work, while still having fun!