Wendy Mackey-Jones

Influencer, catalyst and enabler, solution finder and relationship builder who makes change happen.
Organisational change is a constant challenge, that I see as an opportunity for learning and growth.

Known for my energy, innovative thinking and positive ‘can do’ mentality, I love to develop and translate strategies into workable objectives and share ideas through clear and effective visual methods, whilst taking an inclusive approach and empowering teams to achieve. I have an entrepreneurial mindset and international experience over a range of projects across various sectors; corporate, public sector and non-profit.

Key Strengths:
• Leadership/talent management
• Learning & Organisational Development
• Influencing and bringing all stakeholders onboard with ideas or concepts.
• Creative/solution focused, finding new innovative ways to approach challenges.
• Change Agent/Catalyst, making a difference happen.
• Results oriented

You can read about the key results these skills have enabled me to achieve in the ‘Experience’ section below.

I am an inquisitive and curious leader who always starts by researching how things work (or don’t), identifying pain points, defining creative solutions and actions then building relationships to make change happen and get results. In crisis and challenges, I believe that removing emotion and stepping back gives the time to take a clear decisive view on how to proceed. I was once told that I have an incredible ability to turn problems or lack of capabilities into positive solutions and actions!

Having huge amounts of energy for my work, I thrive on making a difference within a fast-paced changing organization, being results oriented and finding creative solutions to challenges.

I am motivated when others grow and achieve in their career which is why I take on additional informal mentoring and sponsoring roles.

My motto for success: Do more of what works and change things that don’t!