Marissa Shaffer

Marissa Shaffer is a technical writer at ServiceNow, named Forbes’ #1 World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018. Previously, Marissa has written about software and systems, air transportation, finance, and other topics for both startups and Forbes 100 companies. Marissa has a Masters of Science in Technology and Development from Arizona State University.

In 2010, Marissa started her own hair care business called Bear Fruit Hair, and found success, even in a down economy.

Marissa values working with young people; she has taught English as a second language at the Southern School of Energy and Sustainability, mentored girls growing up in foster care at group homes, and parented one of them. She is also focused on global socio-economic empowerment of women and minorities in technology and STEAM. Volunteering with organizations such as and Women In Tech Regatta, is an expression of that focus.