Mary Jane Roy

My specialties: adviser, facilitator and coach in stress/resiliency/emotional management, enhancing work-life integration; create a thriving employee environment; presenter to groups large and small; last but not least a writer.

My dedication to continuous learning supports the development of the effective programs we offer, based upon scientific research. Participants increase resiliency skills, maintain their (emotional) well-being & work-life harmony, while performing at their best! We all have the ability to take control of our lives, our emotions and to make stress our friend. We only need to know how!

My background: Stress Counselor training; various communication courses including NLP Master Practioner and NVC; HeartMath Resiliency Coach; Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence; Gelukkig Werken (Happiness@Work) Coaching Training; and most recently, Univ. of Penn, Foundations of Positive Psychology (see certifications below), have all added to my mastery of these topics. My education, with a specialty in cardiovascular diagnostics as a Military Nursing Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, further supports me.

My motivation started in 2006, when I discovered that stress had become my enemy. My stress responses had become toxic. I began to study what stress is, what it does to us physiologically and how we can handle it better. How can we thrive and make stress work to our advantage? It led me to finding my passion – sharing within organizations the knowledge and self-care methods so employees can better manage their emotions. Inadequate coping strategies in high stress/challenging situations are costing people their health and businesses unnecessary profits.

Other interests: continuous learning & personal growth, diversity in the workplace (VP board member PWN Amsterdam), supporting disadvantaged women (MT member Bridge2Hope), saxophone, and golf.