Nathalie Steinmetz

Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience, currently working as such at L1NDA, and running She’s Coding, a nonprofit for women in tech. Looking to build connections and collaborations with people, organizations and companies that support that mission and want to join along in some way.

More about me:
Computer scientist with a research and development background in vertical search engines, semantic technologies and web services (MSc in CS from University of Innsbruck, Austria). Worked as a researcher at the Semantic Technology Institute Innsbruck, before joining a young startup, ‘seekda’, where I helped build a semantic search engine for Web Services/APIs. As Head of Research I led a small research & development team and managed seekda’s participation in several national and international research projects.

In my former lives I was a journalist, tried my hand in film editing, completed a bank training and worked shortly as a stock dealer. Some of these stints were more exciting than others, but they all allowed me to grow and learn a lot in a short time. With Computer Science, I have found my real passion – I love being able to be creative, work in great teams and build solutions to all kinds of problems, big and small.

After moving to Seattle in 2010 I concentrated on expanding my technical know-how and becoming a full-stack developer. I completed an intense Ruby on Rails bootcamp and worked as Ruby on Rails contract developer before joining Patent Navigation / Jolt Labs as Senior Software Engineer, working with Python/Django and Ember.js. I became actively engaged in the Seattle tech community through a number of women in tech related groups, most importantly through She’s Coding.

I relocated to Amsterdam end of 2018, where I joined the awesome L1NDA development team, and work on building up the European arm of She’s Coding.