Nouka Puriël

Commercial force of nature with a tireless drive to add value!
Nouka Puriël is a versatile leader with strong interpersonal and strategical skills that adapts quick and effectively to environments, getting Things Done.

I have always been blessed with a steady believe that we can form and shape our own career path tremendously. Therefor walking my international path I was adamant on experiencing different industries and roles, feeding my curiosities in each new industry and at the same time, polish my self-starter, transferable and stakeholder management skills.

Needless to say that my Entrepreneurial spirit, undaunted character and being a natural networker have gained me focus, perseverance, tons of professional and personal insights that I have hatched into strategical opportunities, followed by top notch results.

My track record of industries contains Hospitality, Aviation, FMCG Food, Tobacco, Retail and Cloud Technology.

Movement is Life; always looking forward to see the cascade effects of my career, curious to see what the future may behold for me.

Aude audenda – Dare to venture