Nouka Puriël

Versatile leader with strong interpersonal skills and the proven ability to adapt quick and effectively to various environments, working with all levels of management and stakeholders.

I nurtured my Entrepreneurial spirit by working for several international publicly traded companies in industries Hospitality, Aviation, FMCG Food, Tobacco, Retail and IT.

My international and diverse experiences allow me to master transformations, develop strong transferable skills, persevere, focus, strategize and consistently revolutionize my mindset.

My charismatic nature tunes me to partner effectively with suppliers and build sustainable relationships that I spearhead in reducing waste in processes, lead-times and costs.

Due to excellent leadership, emotional intelligence, futuristic views and analytical skills I bring great value to your table; I am therefore an instrumental asset to your team and company!

In my current role I am responsible to internally manage large groups of engineers, designers plus coach project managers in adhering to technical and commercial specs of our Global Sourcing program of Design & Construction for infrastructure capital equipment. My responsibility to external partners is to manage their capabilities for our immense and dynamic Construction pipeline, with an emphasis on quality, time and cost.

At any given moment I oversee plus 15 projects, each in different RIBA stages.
Spend above €200 million.

One of my personal passions is travelling.
What I enjoy the most about travel is the opportunity it provides to meet people with different values, ethics, languages, customs and cultural heritages.

Naturally, I would welcome any opportunity to go abroad and utilize my entrepreneurial skills, drive and self-start character to network and implement regional/global best practices.