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Relationships are the True Currency. Find your tribe at the Women in Tech Regatta.

From cryptocurrency to crying in the bathroom, polishing your startup pitch to why women turn on each other, we tackle the topics women in tech care about and we tackle them together. Each two-hour workshop features a hour of panel discussion from experts who share their insights. During the next hour attendees break into small groups to share their experiences and help each other to move forward.

Men and women in any role and at any career level in tech are welcome. No dress (code) required.

Have captivating conversations. Enjoy cocktails and candlelight meditation. Get headshots or headspace. Meet your new boss or your new best friend. Connect with local women in tech groups, with senior execs and startup founders, investors and engineers.

The theme of our Regatta is #relationshipsarethetruecurrency.  Melody and some of our Regatta CREW are seen here in their Regatta theme shirts.


WIT Regatta Agenda

MotherSHIP Main Event

A resource reception featuring over 40 orgs from our vibrant city that support women and girls in tech- all during one night, under one roof. Connect with industry leaders who can help you find new opportunities, provide you with valuable networking and powerful insights to push your career to the next level. Participate in a variety of exciting pop in events: virtual reality demo, résumé review & job seeking advice, candlelight meditation and workplace hacks. Connect with new and old friends at the connection cafe OR just relax while will sipping on drinks.

Port Tracks

Choose from 40 workshop sessions at  different ports across the city. Sessions are grouped thematically so you can create a personalized itinerary in line with your interests.

Port 1: Tech Mavens. Deep dive into bleeding edge technologies from blockchain to quantum computing, and career issues from data ethics to growing as a coder.

Port 2: Inclusive Culture and Allyship. How to build stronger, more diverse teams and be an effective ally and mentor.

Port 3: Leadership. A diverse group of CEOs and leaders will talk multidimensional leadership, building credibility and why women turn on each other.

Port 4: Startups. How to polish your pitch, succeed at your side hustle, build the right relationships and just jump in.

Port 5: Career Acumen. Learn how storytelling, mentorship and meaningful connections can help you to meet your career goals and even change careers midstream.

To see full detailed schedule: COMING SOON



“We at The WiT Regatta passionately believe in the power of community and strive to build new connections in our ever-growing ecosystem. We will provide a powerful week brimming with opportunities to build your tribe and buoy your spirit, no oars required. Our goal is for everyone to be seen, heard and to walk away from this week with new ideas and relationships.”

-Melody Biringer, Connection Engineer | WiT Regatta Creator


To see full detailed schedule: COMING SOON

Connect with over 40 different organizations, elite mentors, and hands on workshop opportunities that will help you find new opportunities to plug into the community, provide you with valuable networking, and powerful insight to push your career to the next level.  People of all genders are welcome to attend. Participating organizations:

  Startup Seattle     WA FIRST Robotics   IGNITE    Anita Borg Institute    TUNE House    Association for Women in Communications    Lean In Seattle   Women in Wireless  Lesbians Who Tech    Seattle Space Gals       Seattle PyLadies    Association for Women in Computing   She’s Coding    WTIA      Launch Code    Washington Stem    iUrbanTeen   Ada Developers Academy    Women in Bio    Year Up      Girls Without Limits      The F Bomb Breakfast Club   Chick Tech   Kal Academy   Seattle Angel   App Camp for Girls    Association for Women in Science Gems Programs    ALPFA     Code.org     Tech Bridge Girls    El Centro De La Raza Digital Connectors Program     Girl Develop It    Seattle Leading Women in Technology    National Society of Black Engineers    STEM Paths Innovation Network     Student RND    New Tech Seattle    The Swing Shift   UW Society of Women’s Engineers    UW Women in Informatics    Women in Technology International    Women’s Bureau at the US Department of Labor  CHORD