Panelist Submissions

Welcome to the 5th Annual Seattle WiT Regatta . In 2020, over 1,300 women and their allies gathered to tackle the topics women in tech care about most. Participants came from a variety of technology-focused organizations and roles, creating a unique blend of backgrounds and perspectives.

This year we are offering a two week long virtual experience, include 50+ sessions and 160+ speakers focused on connecting women (and men) in tech to mentors, peers, and resources.

The content and experiences are designed to inform, inspire, spark connections, and lead to lasting relationships. Topics are diverse but center on challenges, wins, losses, aspirations, technology, and career. Each session is organized as a 90min workshop with expert panel discussion followed by small group breakouts for meaningful conversations where participants really get to know one another.

We seek high-quality submissions from women and men who are actively engaged in enabling women to succeed in joining, shaping, and leading the tech industry.

  • Call for panelists will close on Friday, April 2nd, 2021

  • Selected panelists will be notified by Friday, April 9th, 2021

2021 WIT Regatta Ports

For more information on each port and the panels it contains, please review our online itinerary

Port 1 – Adapt & Thrive

We got you. From hiding in the bathroom to being a working parent, developing quality relationships to conquering imposter syndrome, this port keeps it real. Sessions within this port include:

  • Is It Just Me? Gaslighting, Trust, & Self-Awareness at Work
  • Relationships Are The True Currency: Now More Than Ever
  • Combatting Imposter Syndrome
  • Back from the Void: Generating Resilience in the COVID Era
  • Covid-19 Fallout: Women Doing Even More With Less

Port 2 – Inclusive Culture

Diversity leaders give insight to build stronger, more diverse teams and to be an effective ally and mentor. Sessions within this port include:

  • Diversity by Design: Raising Up The Voices of Women of Color
  • Enough About Diversity! We Need Inclusion, Equity, & Real Change
  • True & Courageous Allyship: Be a Better Ally, All the Time, Every Day

Port 3 – Biotech & Healthcare

Biotech and healthcare leaders discuss industry challenges and the massive role technology is playing, and continue to play, in providing solutions.

  • Data Sharing is the Key to Health Care Transformation
  • Why Women on Board and Why it Matters?
  • How Human Centered Design Addresses Equity, Access, Data, Cost & Transparency

Port 4 – Leadership

Competent and engaging leadership is necessary for success at personal, team, organizational, and community levels. Learn how to navigate each of these from experts across the leadership spectrum. Sessions within this port include:

  • Deep Dive on Empathy: How (and Why) to Bring More Compassion to Your Work
  • The Rise of Women in Thought Leadership
  • Navigating the (Virtual) Room Where It Happens
  • Courageous Leaders Needed: Standing Up For Yourself, Your Team, Your Company, and Your Community

Port 5 – Career Acumen

Take control of your career. Learn how to recover from failure, negotiate like Chad, change careers midstream, and get insights about what recruiters are looking for. Sessions within this port include:

  • Skill | Remote Work: Making It Work For You And Your Team
  • What Would Chad Do?™  Negotiate, Navigate & Neutralize Situations
  • Navigating Big Tech – Recruiting/Resilience/Reskilling in the Era of COVID
  • Skill | Hiring In A Post-Pandemic World: Find The Best People No Matter Where They Live
  • Skill | Personal Brand: Defining Identity In A Fluid World

Port 6 – Tech Mavens

The techiest chicks in the game cover all bases from blockchain to quantum computing, and career issues from data ethics to growing as a coder. Sessions within this port include:

  • Women in Gaming
  • Data Privacy and GDPR
  • Debiasing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Panel Structure

WiT Regatta Panel Requirements

  • Eligibility Criteria: Subject matter experts from industry, academia, government, or non-profit.
  • Number of Panelists: Each panel is comprised of 3 panelists and a moderator. To ensure a diversity of voices, we require a male-identifying voice and panelists representing a variety of backgrounds and organizations (company or institution).
  • Please indicate in your submission if you have prior experience moderating a panel and would be interested in moderating a WiT Regatta panel in 2021.
  • Panel Duration: All panels are scheduled for a total of 90min. The first half is dedicated to the moderated panel discussion. The second half is focused on an interactive activity among attendees.

Next Steps: Panel Curation

  • All panelist submissions with be reviewed by the WiT Regatta Content Management Committee.
  • Panelists will be accepted for panels based on their background and alignment to the session topic.