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  5/21/2018 Wheelhouse DMG Blog

Reflections from Women in Tech Regatta

Attending the WiT Regatta left us feeling energized.  It reinstated, and demonstrated, that an enterprise wide dedication to ally-ship, diversity and inclusion requires… Read More



  5/3/2018 Young Professionals of Seattle Blog

Diversity Makes us Stronger

This week was powerful and unique because it wasn’t your ordinary conference. The conversations and sessions were vulnerable, daring and uncomfortable in the best way.  Read More



 5/1/2018 Microsoft Women in Business and Technology podcast.

Navigating the Women in Tech Regatta with Cynthia Tee and Melody Biringer

Recorded at Seattle’s Women in Tech Regatta, Colleen and Sonia connect with the event creator, Melody Biringer to learn more about her motivation to curate a week of educational events, workshops, and conversations.   Listen to the podcast.


 4/17/2018 Seattle Times

How to support women in tech: Step 1. Listen.

Meet Chad.

He’s a 32-year-old white male tech worker who knows exactly what he wants, what he’s worth and has no problem asking for it.  Read More


 2/7/2018 Annee Ngo Blog Medium

Leadership Isolation: Lonely Doesn’t have to be Alone

Experiencing fear and doubt doesn’t make you any less of a strong leader; how you deal with those feelings will, however, define who you are.  Read More



 2/8/2018 The Georgia Straight-Vancouver BC.

Vancouver’s Women in Tech Regatta creates connections for female professionals

It’s not always easy to be a woman in the tech industry. Even in 2018, there are significant barriers to advancement, including a lack of female role models.   Read More


 2/13/2018 Nadine Stille Spark Creations Blog

Be Flawsome-Be Awesome

Roaring laughter, empowered statements, and emotional stories – I could never have thought I was due to experience all this during two hours of attending the “Be Flawsome: How to Turn Your Flaws Into Awesome” workshop.  Read More