Press Release



SEATTLE—​The Women in Tech Regatta (WiT)​ works to drive positive change and innovation for women in tech and workplace diversity. ​The 4th annual Seattle Women in Tech (WiT) Regatta will take place virtually August 10-20, 2020.

The event will offer 50 sessions, 160 speakers and six ports, or themes, for attendees to learn, connect and create connections. The two-week event will contain seven days of content that will spread out into a bite-sized virtual format.

Sessions are grouped thematically so attendees can create a personalized itinerary. Each session will be conducted virtually in 90-minute workshops and will include the WiT Regatta signature breakout groups of four to five people.

A new feature will be added to the 2020 event: a Job Expo! Attendees can attend the WiT Regatta virtual job expo featuring companies that value diversity and inclusion.

This event is designed to give attendees access to mentors, peers, resources and the power of community. ALL are welcome, regardless of gender, race, job function or career level.

“We passionately believe in the power of community and strive to build new connections in our ever-growing ecosystem,” said Melody Biringer, connection engineer and WiT Regatta creator. “We will provide a powerful event brimming with opportunities to build your crew and buoy your spirit, no oars required. Our goal is for everyone to be seen, heard and to walk away from this week with new ideas and relationships.”

To learn more about sessions, speakers, locations and sponsors, please ​click here​. For ticket information, please ​click here​.