Regatta Testimonials


When Lorie Corcuera recommended the #WiTRegatta, I hesitated but attended anyway. Keeping an open mind and open heart has led this to be one EPIC week of learning, growth, connection, revitalization, direction and empowerment. The theme was  articulated succinctly with what we all know in our hearts already:  #relationshipsarethetruecurrency.  Tiffany Elsener

More than anything, the Regatta left me feeling energized, that I belonged to some great, smart, like-minded community desiring to change the landscape of Vancouver through thought leadership and innovation.  Bosky Mukherjee

The most heartening thing about attending the WiT Regatta was hearing from women who wanted to create positive change and who were taking action to support women in technology.  Anya Macleod

Thank you all for creating this event.  I got to make new connections before the panel, and see some of the breadth and diversity of the women-focused tech opportunities in our fair city. I very much enjoyed being part of this panel.  It was an honor to meet my co-panelists, and I think we were all impressed with the connection our audience granted us.  When’s the next one?  : )  Becky Anderson-Google

Thanks for putting on a fantastic event!  As a woman who has been in tech and male dominated fields my entire career it is so important for women to make connections and build a community.  Stacey Thornton

Thanks for creating such an amazing event! I have been to several similar events through out my career and this one by far is the best!   Kelly Thompson

Thank you for an amazing WiT Regatta conference! I really enjoyed the engaging sessions, the deep conversations and connecting with others. It is all very inspiring!  Irina Koulinitch

It was such an empowering, emotional and inspirational week combined with so many new relationships, conversations and connections.  Amber Walckar

I attended the WiT Regatta last week and wanted to thank you for hosting/creating/founding such an amazing conference.  I recently left my job at a non-profit to try to pursue a career in tech and was overwhelmed with the amount of support and encouragement I received from the women at the conference.  I can’t thank you enough for hosting such an amazing event. It’s given me the confidence and shown me the resources I can use to find success in this industry.  Amanda Ungco

Thanks again for organizing such a great event and bringing so many great people together. I hope to be able to help out in future ones and put into practice a lot of what I learned and continue building relationships.  Janet Attar

So Many Feels! I am new to Seattle and an active career changer. I feel like someone got in my head and designed a conference just for me and filled it with so many inspirational women. Thank you so much! I want to be on your team! How can I help? Warmly, DeirDre Rohr