Anu Arora

Anu Arora works closely with organizations by supporting managers who are tasked with leading stressful and rapid change. She coaches managers and leaders to enhance their interpersonal skills and creativity to build a wholistic leadership portfolio which not only allows them to have highly satisfying careers but also helps in create a mind-shift for their teams and organizations.  She works with individuals too, on one on one basis, to help them discover and achieve their career dreams.

Anu Arora comes with strong background in Engineering and IT.  As a senior technology leader with 16 years in Fortune 500 high tech corporation, her key experiences were around delivering high quality products through strategy, partnership, listening to the customers around the world and building highly skilled organizations. She implemented state of the art quality engineering, hiring and skill-building practices during this time. She also was a lead trainer in Corporation’s Engineering Excellence division designing and developing programs to extend the leadership skills of the technical workforce. She was also instrumental for starting the very first Women’s Conference at Microsoft.

Three years ago, Anu left her Corporate career to explore her aspirations to start her own business. Since then she has launched two businesses; a health and wellness business, Anu Yoga and Wellness and a training and Career Coaching company, Get Hired Training and Services, taking her passion to full-time helping people lead fulfilling careers and lives.