Cassandra Gholston

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been privileged to work alongside some of the best sales people, sales leaders and C-level executives in the world. During my tenure in sales, I consulted with domestic and international organizations that were in a hyper-growth phase. Helping companies grow, change and leverage technology to generate explosive growth was exciting. My time on the sales floor led me to observe a problem that sales people were facing that I knew needed to be solved. I decided to form a team and launch a new company as Co-Founder & CEO of PartnerTap.

PartnerTap is a company built for the salesperson who works with partners. They are looking to completely ditch cold call and grow their sales through partner leads. I’m passionate about what we are building and what we’ll continue to build for years to come. I know the rewards and struggles of being a top performer in sales. I’m focused on building an ecosystem that enables all of our users to reap the rewards of achieving and sustaining top sales performance.