Gaurav Mukherjee


I am a PhD student with Dr. Eric Rombokas and Dr. Patrick Aubin at the University of Washington, and the VA Hospital, Seattle. On a broader level, my research revolves around improving our understanding of the human sensorimotor system and in designing better interventions to return lost limb function. Specifically, I am studying in the role of sensation and perception in the design of better rehabilitation devices after limb function loss. In our lab, we use clever designs of novel environments using robotics and virtual reality to control our visual and tactile experiences, thus opening a window into the functioning of the mind and the body.
I love hackathon-style learning environments and have participated both, as a maker and an organizer at local hackathons focused on neuro-engineering. I also participate in efforts to make science more accessible via outreach events with students at the K-12 levels. I am also interested in the process of policy formulation, and in understanding how to best assist in the formulation of policies that impact access to technology in the most positive manner.