Susanna Edens

A Master’s student graduating this May with a MS Computer Science from Northeastern (Seattle) through the ALIGN program, having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health Science from Northeastern (Boston) in 2015. Through the ALIGN program, I have successfully completed 2 software engineering internships and post-graduation will be joining Google (New York) full time as a Software Engineer. Jumping into a completely new field, let alone the tech field, has been a wonderfully intense whirlwind and has strengthened my skills of learning and growing, being flexible and adaptable, and being comfortable being uncomfortable. I love to move fast and I thrive in change. I am passionate about fixing the health care system, about networking (the computer kind not the people kind), about cyber security, and about gender diversity in tech (the kind that includes non-binary and trans people). You can call me Susanna or Z and refer to me using they/them pronouns (: