Ashley Hum

Ashley is passionate in growing business by helping people succeed to achieve their personal and career goals. She fell into the technology sector through recruiting and talent acquisition for technical roles engineering roles.

Originally from Toronto Canada, Ashley lived a fast-paced east coast city life. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, it opened her up to the many outdoor activities there are to offer. The mountains and fresh air really drew her in. Ashley started hiking, mountain biking, and skiing–which have become her favorite things to do. Living in Seattle is perfect for Ashley’s lifestyle having the mix of city life, while still being close to the mountains and nature.

On her career side, Ashley left the corporate life to join the startup world. As Partner of her technology recruiting firm, she has the opportunity to help businesses grow in technology and help individuals in their career paths.

Honors B.Com – Bachelors of Honors Commerce – McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
Chinese language studies – Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China

Partner at Formula Resources