Elan Bailey

As a 50 year old woman of colour, single mother and entrepreneur working and leading in tech over the last 20+ years, I’ve navigated the challenges of gender, race and age first hand. More pointedly, I’ve struggled with and come out the other side of what it takes to show up fully and powerfully and lead as my authentic self regardless of circumstances or setbacks.

Today I coach and support professional women to own your authentic power and co-create next level leadership success that aligns with your values, amplifies your strengths and honors your worth.

For some that means being able to overcome impostor syndrome to lead with more clarity, courage and confidence, so you speak up more in meetings, become more visible in your accomplishments, advocate for yourself to get the respect, promotion, raise or new job you so justly deserve.

For others that means being able to go beyond office politics to lead with authentic power, presence and purpose, so you can build strong ally or sponsor relationships, bring about more diversity, equity and inclusion at work, elevate others and develop leaders around you who lead from a place of responsibility and accountability.

We also help high-growth companies develop your people in line with your business strategy using a systems-thinking approach. We work with you to create a workforce, leadership team/pipeline and culture that is more adaptable, integrative and co-creative, with diversity, equity and inclusion baked in by design.

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