About Us

Hello, we are WiT Regatta©

The Regatta connects and celebrates the area’s women in tech through a week long program of educational events, speakers, and experiences. WiT is designed to give access to mentors, peers, resources and to the power of community. In addition to Seattle, we’ve added Vancouver BC and Amsterdam venues in 2018, making WiT Regatta an international event.

Who’s it for?

WiT Regatta is an inclusive event. Regardless of area(s) of expertise, all genders, and career levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. We are committed to being a collaborative platform for people, ideas and discourse. We’ll come together to amplify careers, define the future to tech and blow our own minds.

What we do

Our goal is to be the strategic center for positive change and innovation for women in technology and workplace diversity. Through education, connections and increased awareness, our attendees have informed individual and collective agency. We support and promote every non-profit group related to WiT in our events cities.

Founded in 2013, Women in Technology (WIT) is a not-for-profit organization which aims to support women by providing education and networking opportunities at quarterly events as well as raising funds and visibility for mission-aligned nonprofit partners. Melody Biringer, an original board member of WiT, created and produced the WiT Regatta through her firm The Crave Company. The inaugural Seattle Women in Tech Regatta was on Tuesday, May 2nd 2017, from 5-9pm at Seattle City Hall, and four other venues, with over 700 attendees.

The CRAVE Company is focused exclusively on bringing women together to make waves in their careers and personal lives. We connect and engage smart and successful women in thought-provoking conversations outside of the typical structured business setting. We specialize in event design for those authentic conversations. Our mission is to draw out the stories and voices of women in business in a way where they feel seen, heard, and empowered. We love to innovate, reinvent, and move forward at all times.