Scholarship Application

With the support of our partners we are proud to offer discounted ticket options:


Live Access Only Ticket $49.00

Full Access Ticket + Co-Storm $99.00

If these options don’t work, apply for a scholarship. We’re offering a limited number of scholarships to people who are experiencing hardship or are students.



Candidates can apply in one these two categories:

1. Education (students and educators)
2. Financial Hardship

Our ideal candidates:

  • Womxn and men who are part of a diverse, engaging STEM community.
  • Candidates who want to promote positive change in the world of tech.
  • Those experiencing adversity in these challenging times.

Application will be open October 7th, 2020 – January 25th, 2021.


  • Scholarships are for individuals only.
  • Candidates are studying, teaching or working in STEM fields.
  • Able to demonstrate through the application process the benefits of attending WiT Regatta.