Nicola Jones-Crossley

Creating connections and building a community, I believe, is integral to any profession. I have seen the benefits of networking in action, and know the true value of both business and personal contacts. This has been shown to me from my work in various sectors, most notably in community development and youth work.

Development should begin, not with an outside interventionist approach, but one that fosters local participation and education to empower the young thinkers of society. With this belief, I think that young people need to be at the heart of development initiatives and the protection and education of children should be paramount. I continue to be involved with community building initiatives and projects with a youth empowerment focus.

A dynamic leader, innovator and people person, I create opportunities, invest time in relationships, manage multiple projects and have a love of travel. My international adventures have provided me with an understanding of cultural diversity and opened my mind to a variety of world views. This understanding has given me skills to actively engage in many fields such as business development, non-profit management, marketing and PR, education and event management.