Alicia Close

Alicia Close is passionate about using data to make an impact.

Her background lies within the Financial Technology and Services space, with over 5 years of experience, building and leading reporting and data analysis teams and overseeing operational functions, including customer support, customer success and compliance. Alicia has worked with customers and vendors in over 30 countries from startups to multinational technology and financial services firms.

Alicia’s passion for data and technology combined with her fieriness to disrupt the gender equity status quo, naturally evolved into her founding Women in Tech World.

Alicia is the Chief Executive Officer of Women in Tech World, a Canadian nonprofit that is dedicated to creating actionable steps to support and advance women in tech. To realize that goal, the Women in Tech World team has researched and collected Canada’s most extensive qualitative data-set on women in technology to date hearing from over 1,600 voices across 30+ tech communities in all provinces and Yukon.

Alicia speaks nationally about the impact of gender diversity and inclusion on tech communities, and drives the conversation by facilitating community forums and moderating panel discussions. She has been featured on Global TV, CBC, Metro News, Daily Hive and other local media in both English and French.