Bill Tam

I’m a fervent believer in the art of the possible – that any opportunity, properly seized, can alter the course of history and build the pathway to success.

That’s why I’m passionate about tech and start-ups. For me, it’s a fundamental philosophy – a mindset that challenges conventional thinking and invites a world of new opportunity.

Every organization is endowed with both innovation and a start-up ethos at its core. The challenge for most is that they’ve forgotten their roots.

I help organizations and companies capitalize on new opportunities to grow to the next level. I draw upon a comprehensive set of experiences (start-up CEO, product marketer, enterprise sales executive, technology developer, M&A specialist, venture capital investor and Board Chair) in synthesizing market opportunities, identifying winning approaches, building strong teams and creating successful execution plans.

I love meeting change agents and tech enthusiasts. Reach out if you’d like to chat.

Specialties: Product marketing, business development, product management, enterprise sales and corporate M&A. Non-profit evangelist, start-up mentor and venture capital.