Claris Cyarron

Claris Cyarron is the co-founder and creative director of Silverstring Media, a narrative design consultancy, and independent videogame studio. She is a storyteller, multi-disciplinary designer, and ever-aspiring adventurer. With 5 years of experience guiding creative projects, she works to make videogames more thematically resonant and intersectionally feminist. Stories are powerful places, where personal growth and magic are possible.

Claris is committed to crafting narratives, encounters, and worlds as carefully and intentionally as an architect designs a building. Through her consulting, she has touched (and enhanced) many popular videogames, including: “Celeste,” “Where the Water Tastes like Wine,” “Timespinner,” “Wandersong,” “Crypt of the Necrodancer,” and many more. With her Silverstring colleagues and other industry friends, she has developed multiple bold and experimental games, including the acclaimed “Glitchhikers.”

Specialities: Narrative Design, Game Design, Architectural Design, Graphic Design, Writing, Creative Direction.