Davia Brown

  • Davia Brown

Davia is a young entrepreneur who got involved in the technology and startup space after high school. She has gotten her experience through the creation of her own startup and immersing herself in incubator and accelerator programs while working a 9-5 job. She is extremely passionate about the possibilities of using technology to make our lives even more convenient than it is today but without the need to compromise our privacy. From this belief, she founded Rehf ID.

Rehf ID – is a secure and convenient solution that allows users to create a digital ID through an app to authenticate who they say they are; this reduces the need to create passwords, usernames or manually login during their shopping or browsing experience. By providing users with the option to share their emails as encrypted emails with websites and the ability to only share relevant information when needed, users are given more control over their data and what website they share it with.