Donna Nakamoto

Grounded in Knowledge and Intuition, Present-Focused, Self-Aware, Mindful. My strength is in identifying a niche; my true love is empowering people to fill that niche while supporting and playing a key role in organizational strategic planning.

My skills are fostered through 16 years of International, multicultural experience in talent management, training and development, conflict management, facilitation, mediation, and cross-cultural communications. I’ve provided creative and practical solutions to organizations in the non-profit, education, legal, and corporate sectors locally in Vancouver, Canada, and in diverse countries such as Cambodia, Nepal, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, and Japan.

With extensive experience in my home country of Canada, and in Europe and Asia, my work draws from two areas:
– A deep understanding of the diverse inner workings of people and organizations, developed over the years I worked in various capacities with people at all levels of organizations on a global scale;
– My lifelong fascination with learning and human development, and my own journey of personal and spiritual growth.

What I thrive on are opportunities to think outside the box, to encourage diversity, and to support, inspire, empower, and move people to be true to themselves and to live with integrity.