Florence Leung

I have travelled 20 countries, seamlessly transitioned between 3 careers (Finance, Fashion, Marketing), and through this, have developed a worldly perspective that helps our clients prosper; I see business opportunities first, am tenacious in pitching new ways of doing things, and have the persistence to turn great ideas on paper into reality. I named my marketing agency Catalyst Agents because we guide our clients through exploring new realms, resulting in long term gains and insights for their business.

Our clients range from real estate developers to fashion, retail, food and hospitality clients. Our ability to find synergies between these industries constantly inject new creativity into our clients’ businesses. With our Western style operations and in-depth understanding of the Chinese culture, our agency has found a niche in WeChat marketing, helping over 60 presale projects in real estate find success on the world’s #1 Chinese social media platform.

In my spare time, I dedicate my efforts to growing the Lean In cause, leading the Vancouver Chapter of Lean In Canada, where our goal is to empower women to take action and pursue their life and career goals to the fullest.

I am also the Editor in Chief and Founder of online lifestyle magazine Pendulum Magazine, tailored for urban professionals with an appreciation for travel, design and culture. Our contributors from the around the world help to share stories of brilliant people and ideas from around the world and our work here keeps my desire to learn and curiosity alive.