Khristine Carino

Khristine Carino is rebooting her career after taking time off to provide care for her three children, now ages 7, 9 and 12 years old. With a PhD in Dental Sciences and international awards for epidemiological research, she came to Canada for a postdoctoral fellowship at UBC in 2005. However, due to parental demands, she veered off the academic track and became a stay-home mom. Her challenges as a mom and a new immigrant included post-partum depression and social isolation.  In 2012-2017 she relaunched her research career but struggled with family-work balance. In 2018, after another career hiatus, she discovered the YWCA Focus@Work program for women in career transition, which helped her reconcile her career expectations and the reality of parenthood. Volunteering in the first Vancouver conference, Khristine credits the Women in Tech Regatta for providing her the opportunity to find a tribe of professional parents who smoothened her transition in the Tech space.

An innovative leader, Khristine currently sits on the Board of the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST). She leads the implementation of communication campaigns, social and digital media strategies as Director for Communications. Her pet project is the SCWIST StoryBook which chronicles the lives and careers of Canadian Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If you, or you know someone, are interested to be featured in the StoryBook, please contact her at

Passionate about creating community impact, she is Founder and Program Director of East Van Kids STEAM, a volunteer-driven grassroots initiative providing free/low cost workshops for children in East Vancouver.  She welcomes workshop proposals, program partnerships and sponsorships from individuals, industry, academe and non-profits. Interested? Send an email to

Through Empower.Mom, another initiative, Khristine is keen on building a community of women sharing resources and support for mothers who want to transition to a career in tech. Interested? Sign up here.