Kristin Bower

With two decades of experience helping organizations create inclusive, engaged workplaces, and collaborating with organizations such as the Conference Board of Canada and the Mental Health Commission of Canada, I bring expertise, thought leadership, integrity, commitment and passion to the work that I love to do.

An award-winning D&I professional, I am also a frequent speaker at conferences across North America and a writer whose work has been published in Visions magazine and the Good Money blog, among others.

Some of the programs that I have designed and successfully implemented are:
* intercultural competency & unconscious bias training
* inclusive recruitment training
* mental health and psychological health & safety in the workplace training for leaders & employees
* employee resource groups; employee focus groups
* disability employment programs
* increased employee awareness & understanding in the area of Indigenous history and Reconciliation

Helping people and organizations navigate the path towards inclusion is my passion. I see the benefits of diversity and inclusion realized every single day. It will work for your organization, too. Let’s connect and talk about how we can work together!