Michael Gibbons

Michael is a Co-Creator and Storyteller at Culture Assassins, a research and education team dedicated to preventing the destruction of healthy, high-performing organizational cultures and to providing people with the tools necessary to build them.

Michael was motivated to help create Culture Assassins by his deeply-held beliefs in connection, curiosity, humour, empathy, and honesty. Before embarking on this new adventure, Michael held various senior leadership positions in the technology industry, most recently as the General Manager of a 300-person technology and manufacturing division of a Fortune 500 public company. After much soul-searching (and one too many conference calls and budget meetings) he made the difficult decision in 2018 to leave the corporate world and pursue his ambitions to help other people and companies grow, be better, and live true to their values.

In addition to his passion for workplace culture, Michael is an avid skier and mountain biker, volunteers for YELL Canada as a mentor to young entrepreneurs, and is an active angel investor, coach, and advisor.