Natasha Jeshani

HR & Recruitment Consultant | Onboarding, Training and Development, Employee Engagement & Retention Specialist | Profiles® Certified PXT Trainer | Author

“Driven, hard working and self-motivated”, are some the words clients and colleagues use to describe Natasha Jeshani. With a degree from UBC and an HR Management Certificate, with distinction, from BCIT, Natasha’s extensive academic, as well as hands-on experience, in various areas of people management, has provided lasting legacies in HR protocols and policies.

As a Technical Recruiter and a true HR Generalist, Natasha’s career focuses on delivering high levels of service to leadership, management and employees alike.

With a focus on strategic thinking, Natasha is a strong negotiator, a proven manager and coach, and a gifted team builder.

As the author of “The HR Insider: How to land your dream job, and keep it!”, Natasha has provided a tool for candidates who are interested in the HR perspective.

TAFA Consulting Corp is an extension of Natasha’s years of dedication to the HR and Recruitment professions.